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Wind Assisted Propulsion Systems


Bureau Veritas | Marine & Offshore





Salt received a prestigious request from Bureau Veritas Solutions to craft a compelling brochure spotlighting Wind Assisted Propulsion Systems. Building upon our successful collaboration, which included the creation of a series of brochures delineating BVS's Services tailored to various vessel types such as FPSO, Semi-submersible, Offshore Vessel, and Jack-up Rigs, this project marks a future facing company towards advancing maritime innovation and the services it offers.

In this latest endeavor, we leverage our expertise in 3D Visuals and Graphic Design to illustrate the transformative impact of Wind-assisted Propulsion Systems on vessel efficiency and environmental sustainability. Seamlessly integrating state-of-the-art technology with Bureau Veritas Solutions' commitment to excellence, the brochure serves as a beacon of progress in the maritime sector and Bureau Veritas Solutions Services.

As the maritime industry steers towards a greener future, Salt Technologies remains at the forefront of innovation, helping communicate and drive forward the adoption of eco-conscious solutions that redefine the standards of excellence at sea. Join us in navigating the tides of change, propelled by the collaborative vision of sustainability and advancement.

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