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Electric Ferry


Câmara de Aveiro





We are proud to present another great project that we were entrusted by the Câmara Municipal de Aveiro in bringing to life.

Introducing the trailblazing new Electric Ferryboat—a remarkable project born from these principles and the need for sustainable transportation across the Ria de Aveiro. This remarkable feat of innovation connects São Jacinto to Forte da Barra, setting a precedent as the first electric ferry on the Iberian Peninsula and among the pioneers worldwide.

A product of Portuguese brilliance, the New Electric Ferryboat harmonizes local expertise and cutting-edge technology, spearheaded by the renowned Grupo ETE—a beacon of excellence in the maritime economy both nationally and internationally.

The new ferry epitomizes sustainability, enhanced quality, and heightened safety, promising to transport more passengers and vehicles while providing unparalleled comfort for travelers.

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