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3D Visuals

Post Production Artist


ROLE Description

Salt Technologies is a UK based company focused on delivering outstanding marine digital content. Our key 3D deliverables are still image renders, 3D animations and videos and Realtime Interactive Apps. We are looking for talented freelance 3D artists.

As a 3D Artist, you will work closely with the Art Director and Project Manager to create beautiful content that tells our clients' stories, with high visual standards. You should have a good understanding and experience with high-quality 3D modelling, texturization, materials, light, camera, rigging, animation and rendering. You should also be able to develop and refine 3D artwork to reach an established defined rendering look, or develop one following the lead artist’s creative direction, combining a high-level of problem solving and creative-thinking skills.


We are pleased to offer remote and flexible working.
We have people working from the UK, Russia, Serbia, Croatia, and Portugal at the moment.
You are very welcome to take advantage of our Lisbon office (Portugal) but this is not mandatory.





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